“Sunny’s a really wise girl. One time, all of the guys in the show jokingly talked about who we’d like to have the most as a wife, and we all picked Sunny (laughs). We all thought she’d be the best at housework and taking care of the family and stuff. She has a really good business sense and is a really funny person to boot. ” - Kim Hosang, main PD of Invincible Youth (Segye.com interview, 20th March 2010).



Yoona hate probably hurts the most out of all SNSD hate. Because most hate aimed at Yoona is always about things she can’t control. It’s always about her position as Face & Visual. It’s nearly 2015 and people still don’t understand Yoona’s role in SNSD and how she has to carry…


shouldn’t guy be the first to approach? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

sunny @ uniqlo 2014 fall/winter ‘ines de la fressange’

Sojin and her sexy back in Greatest Marriage’s preview.

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